Clean Cartoonists’ Dirty Drawings

    (Last Gasp, 2007)
™ and © 2007 respective artists

From the Publisher:

By day their cartoon creations include Mickey Mouse, Superman, Beetle Bailey, Betty and Veronica, Wonder Woman, Batman, Charlie Brown, and the Cat in the Hat. But when night fell, they abandoned their pursuit of heroic deeds and good clean fun to draw the risqué—slinging ink to make kink.

Collected in this volume for the first time are scores of rare, previously suppressed, underground sketches by mainstream cartoonists: Carl “Donald Duck” Barks, Steve “Spider-Man” Ditko, Otto “The New Yorker” Soglow, Chuck “Bugs Bunny” Jones—plus many more artists. These cartoons will shock and amuse you with their sexy strays from the straight and narrow!

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 Foreword by R. Crumb; ca. 2007Craig YoeBruce Patterson, Rube Goldberg, Joe Shuster, Grim Natwick, Alex Raymond, Cliff Sterrett, Bob Kane, Gladys Parker, Jack Kirby, Walt Scott, Al Smith, Carl Barks, Charles Schulz, Neal Adams, Dean Yeagle, Will Eisner, Johnny Hart, Paul Murry, Virgil Partch, Alex Toth, Mort Walker, Harry G. Peter, Adam Hughes, Dr. Seuss, Harold R. Foster, Billy DeBeck, Martin Branner, Gustave Doré, Wesley Morse, Hank Ketcham, George Herriman, Dave Berg, Jack Davis, William Steig, Al Williamson, Milton Caniff, Chuck Jones, Al Jaffee, Frew Gwynne, Sergio Aragonés, Dale Messick, James Montgomery Flagg, Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain, Ernie Bushmiller, Ham Fisher, Boody Rogers, Thomas Rowlandson, Syd Hoff, Alex Schomburg, Walt Kelly, John Severin, Nick Cardy, Al Capp, Otto Soglow, Bill Everett, Jack Cole, Bruce Timm, Jim Steranko, Lynn Johnston, Steve Ditko, Paul Webb, Roy Williams, Roy Crane, Matt Baker, Wally Wood, Dick Browne, Stan Drake, Fred Moore, Dan DeCarlo, Henry Boltinoff, Raeburn VanBuren