Most Outrageous

    (Fantagraphics, 2008)
™ and © 2008 Bob Levin

From the Publisher:

In Most Outrageous, journalist and cultural historian Bob Levin tackles the unsettling saga of Larry Flynt’s most notorious employee: Hustler cartoonist Dwain Tinsley, whose primary contribution to the magazine was “Chester the Molester,” a hulking middle-aged man who craved prepubescent girls. Tinsley’s fictional character gained legal significance in 1989; when Tinsley was at the summit of his career, his teenage daughter accused him of sexually violating her over the course of five years and the prosecution used several storage boxes full of his cartoons against him in the subsequent criminal prosecution. Most Outrageous is not only the story of Dwaine Tinsley’s trial: it’s the story of Tinsley’s life.
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