Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross

    (Pantheon, 2003)
™ and © Pantheon

This provides strong arguments that artist Alex Ross (Marvels, Kingdom Come) is the major chronicler of modern-day mythology. His ultra-realistic approach to such comics heroes as Superman and Batman brings them to life in a way that no movies or other comics have so far.

Buyers will see sketches of comic-book characters Ross drew starting at age 3, a display of three-dimensional cardboard Justice League figures he made that the authors found in a box in his attic, his recreations of classic comic covers, such as Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics, shots of his family and friends posing as models, storyboards, background sketches, collectors’ plates, DC Comics in-office promotional items, his Uncle Sam work, a DC bibliography, and much more.

The book’s main subjects include Kingdom Come, Sandman, Teen Titans, Mad magazine, the Paul Dini collaborations including Shazam: Power of Hope, and a short Batman-Superman original story written by Kidd. But that description just scratches the surface.

Kidd and Spear provide basic background on the subjects at hand without over-analyzing, wisely letting Ross tell his own stories, including a wealth of insight into why he prefers a traditionalist approach to comics (as evidenced by his depictions of Aquaman, Superman, and Green Lantern). The book’s layout and design are also top-notch, with plenty of full-page prints to show off Ross’ talent.

— Todd Haefer
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