Batman: Digital Justice

    (DC, 1990)
™ and ©1990 DC Comics, Inc.

1990’s Digital Justice was a tour de force for computer-generated comics. Drawing from Mike Saenz’s earlier work on Shatter, artist Pepe Moreno spent over a year creating one of the first graphic novels to be completely developed on a computer.

Digital Justice’s storyline matches the book’s high-tech origins and style. Many years in the future, Gotham city will have become a sprawling metropolis, watched over by a vast network of computers which control everything from ATM machines to the police force. It was meant to be a techno-utopia but someone had thrown a monkey wrench into the works. Police robots were committing murder. Corruption was ruining the system. Behind it all was the Joker, who now lived on in the form of a devilish computer virus. To stop him, a descendent of James Gordon would have to revive the role of a legend…and Batman would live again!

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  Pepé Moreno, Doug MurrayPepé Moreno

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