Alone in my King’s Harem

    (Digital Manga, 2005)
™ and ©2004 Lily Hoshina

From the Publisher:

The adoring eyes of a gorgeous concubine lift to meet the approving gaze of a king. A dreamland oasis promises that no love is forbidden for a single night. And the student body president gets an overhaul in the breakroom. Along in my King’s Harem says it’s time to play master and servant. Will you obey?

Mesh and lace, schoolboy blazers and treacherous secrets come together in the whisper-filled realm of Alone in my King’s Harem. Desire that knows no other path but servitude (and the kind of peepshow pleasures that can only unfold when you’re young) are never taboo in this special pleasure zone. Become a slave to temptation!
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September, 2005
Cover Price: $12.95
1 copy available for $11.50
Lily HoshinoLily Hoshino