Denis Sire

    (Heavy Metal, 2006)
™ and © Heavy Metal

In addition to hundreds of color illustrations, this 88-page sketchbook from French cheesecake illustrator Denis Sire includes lengthy autobiographical information and extensive ruminations about French and European illustration and pin-up art as those forms have evolved over time.

Sexy and suggestive, full of passion and light, Sire’s female forms veer between heavy breasted seductresses and glorious angels of light. Beautifully stylized renditions of European motorcycles, cars and WWII vintage air planes add additional manly interest to this hardcover retrospective volume. Sire eschews the use of India ink in favor of adding color directly without black outlines. The result produces uncommonly atmospheric and luminous eye candy that is pleasurable to gaze at for hours.

— Leland Burrill
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 Denis Sire
Hardcover Limited Edition

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 Denis Sire