A.B.C. Warriors

    (Fleetway Quality, 1990-1991)
™ and ©1990 Fleetway Editions, Ltd.

A.B.C. stands for Atomic, Bacterial, Chemical. These warriors are robots and can handle it all. Programmed as war machines, these mechanical beings fight for humanity against any number of foes, including the robotic Volgans. Whereas humans would shudder at the horrors of the war they fight, the A.B.C. Warriors are actually programmed to enjoy it.

There are several nice twists here on the familiar theme of “robots as man’s programmed death dealers.” For one, the A.B.C. Warriors sometimes choose not to kill the robotic foes they fight. They are instead reprogrammed, thus transforming a defeated enemy into a team member. Another unusual turn happens when one of the A.B.C. Warriors decides that he’s seen too much killing in his “life” and decides to become a pacifist.

This title originally appeared in the British 2000 A.D.

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  Pat MillsBrett Ewins, Mike McMahon, Brendan McCarthy


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  Pat MillsMike McMahon, Dave Gibbons


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  Pat MillsL.J. Silver, Mike McMahon


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  Pat MillsMike McMahon, Steve Bisley


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  Pat MillsSteve Bisley


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  Pat MillsS.M.S.


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  Pat MillsSimon Bisley


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 Final Issue