Boy Commandos (1st Series)

    (DC, 1942-1949)
™ and ©1948 National Comics Publications

After making their first appearance in Detective Comics #64, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Boy Commandos starred in their own title later in 1942. The Boy Commandos were four orphans of various nationalities living in Great Britain. In a flurry of patriotism (and apparent disregard for child endangerment!), they were organized into a fighting unit by Captain Rip Carter, commander of a nearby military base. The group consisted of American toughguy “Brooklyn”; Alfy, a Brit; Andrew Chavard, a French kid; and Jan Hasaan, from Holland. In typical Simon/Kirby fashion, the group enjoyed wild adventures, wreacking havoc on the Nazis, and, later on, all manner of criminals.

After the war, the lariat-throwing Tex (you can guess his point of origin) joined the team, replacing the college-bound Alfy, and the team continued to star in this title until fading from view in 1949. A 1973 revival of the title fizzled almost immediately.
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December, 1942
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Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, John Hilton, Don CameronJack Kirby, Chuck Winter
December, 1944
Cover Price: $0.10
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Joe Samachson, Tom McNamara, Jack Farr, Joe GreeneLouis Cazeneuve, Tom McNamara, Jack Farr
June, 1945
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $114.00
Henry Boltinoff, Tom NeillLouis Cazeneuve, Henry Boltinoff
September, 1945
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $135.00
Tootsie Roll back cover ad“Captain Tootside and the Hand Grenade"; Fall 1945; Joe Simon and Jack Kirby miscredited in interior credits Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Stan Carter, Henry BoltinoffLouis Cazeneuve, Jack Kirby, Henry Boltinoff
May, 1948
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $11.50
Thomas GrawHenry Boltinoff
November, 1948
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $49.95