Alien Nation

    (DC, 1988)
™ and ©1988 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

DC’s Alien Nation is based on the motion picture that helped spawn a successful television science fiction series from the late 1980s. In it, a ship of alien newcomers lands on Earth. The extraterrestrial immigrants soon find themselves a despised underclass in American society. One alien, Francisco, decides to help his people by joining the police force, and is soon teamed with a hard-edged, embittered cop named Sykes. Together, the two root out the intrigues and secrecy that form around the edges where human and alien society meet.

The comic adaptation by Martin Pasko and Jerry Bingham closely follows Rockne S. O’Bannon’s script for the TV movie, and captures the characterizations and social commentary that helped lift the Alien Nation television show above the level of standard science-fiction fare.

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