Adventures in the Mystwood

    (Blackthorne, 1986)
™ and ©1986 John A. Williams

Adventures in the Mystwood is a beautiful black-and-white fairy tale by John Arthur Williams. It is the story of Zara, a young princess who lost both her parents and her prince in “a war between rival kingdoms.” Wandering through the woods after the war was over, Zara grew weary and fell asleep at the base of a tree. She awoke and found herself in the Mystwood, a magical land populated by “dwelfs” (dwarves and elves) and fairies. Zara soon began to leave behind her sorrows, but her dreams were still haunted by her lost prince, and her nightmares were riddled with monsters. With the dwelfs’ instruction, Zara takes her first steps into the Somewhen, where she will confront her nightmares, and there her real journey begins. Without a doubt, this is an enchanting story that unfolds as delicately and beautifully as its pictures are rendered.

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