Ashen Victor

    (Viz, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Yukito Kishiro

Originally published in Japan as Haisha, Yukito Kishiro has adopted a minimalist style for this four-part story that seems as dark as anything Frank Miller ever conceived.

Ashen Victor is a Motorball sports-drama set in the depressing world of the Scrapyard. There, people give up their humanity to become super-powerful cyborgs engaged in the racing and fighting of the deadly sport. Snev is a cyborg warrior who starts off his first race with a bang when a member of the audience runs out in front of him and is cut to shreds. Now Snev is not only trying to find out who’s attempting to kill him before more of his friends are murdered, but what is the mysterious drug “Adam” that’s being experimented on within him?

For more of the Scrapyard’s universe of sudden death and dismemberment, checkout the Battle Angel Alita saga.

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