Fantastic Four: First Family

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Reprinting the first three issues of the Fantastic Four, this mini-comic contains the stories that set the template for the Marvel universe. Responding to the success of the Justice League of America, publisher Martin Goodman ordered writer Stan Lee to create a competing super-hero team book. Not interested in writing about perfect, flawless paragons of virtue, Lee decided to create characters that behaved like real people. The Fantastic Four squabbled with each other even as they dealt with menaces like the Mole Man and Skrulls. The book proved a hit with fans and would be the first in a string of hits for Marvel.

— Colin Chan

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 Reprints; 1st appearance of The Fantastic Four; Origin of The Fantastic FourStan LeeSteve Ditko

#1 Variation A

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 Reprints Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) # 1-33; ca. 2005Stan LeeJack Kirby