(Banana Tale, 2002)
ô and © 2002 Banana Tale Press (Mark McKenna)

Banana-Tail the monkey lived in a tree
With bananas around him as far as you could see.
He ate so many bananas, like a growing young fellow
That his normal brown tail turned a strange shade of yellow
He called on his friends; he tried to dye his tail, But all of his efforts were to no avail.
Fortunately, he found a wise old bird
Who helped him realize he wasnít so absurd.
With animals and funny names and colors so bright,
And a final moral thatís laid on heavy, not light,
Despite looking like a comic, itís more a childrenís book.
Decide for yourself if that makes it worth a look.

ó Lorie Witkop

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1 copy available for $4.50
ca. 2002Mark McKenna, Matthew R. Davis, Deirdre PitneyKevin West, Mark McKenna, Emily Y. Kanalz