(Curtis, 2002)
ô and © Curtis

Like a lot of Curtis comics, story and character development take a back seat to action and art in Minos. But not only arenít readers introduced to any of the characters or the world they inhabit, theyíre given zero idea who or what Minos is. Luckily, the issue is strong in the art and action departments.

The artís highly reminiscent of the manga Ashen Victor (which was inspired by the work of Frank Miller) and has a sweaty, claustrophobic feel. Adding to the atmosphere of confinement is the untranslated Korean sound effects which buzz around. (In places, the hovering, unfamiliar shapes seem to impale themselves on characters.) The action is relentless, bordering on sensory overload, shoring up an epic fantasy that cuts and pastes together elements from Fist of the North Star and Final Fantasy (elf-eared shoulder-pad guy rides big bird, girl in garters swings chained blade thing, etc.). Itís so intoxicating itís a pity it doesnít amount to anything more than a visceral experience.

ó S.A. Bennett

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