Scary Godmother: Bloody Valentine

    (Sirius, 1998)
™ and © Sirius

Jill Thompson (Sandman, Finals) continues the adventures of the Scary Godmother and her frightful, but loveable companions in this special one-shot.

When Ruby redecorates, attempting to bring a sense of modernity to Belfry Manor, Count Max becomes furious, extolling the virtues of the ancient vampiric ways. Refusing to own a skel-a-vision, a scar-e-o or a VCR, Count Max flies the coupe, literally, and Ruby and Orson seek refuge at Scary Godmother’s house. While Orson and Hannah discover the wonders of Valentine’s Day, everyone else sojourns to the Slaughtered Lamb pub and discovers that true love is not found in singles bars. Will Count Max and Ruby reconcile? Will tradition outweigh the influence of the modern world? In a place where everyday is Halloween, is there room for Valentine’s Day?

Thompson’s unique black and white art and hilarious use of pun and innuendo make this story fun for all ages.
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