Avengers Finale

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © Marvel Entertainment Group

Three months after the events of Avengers #503, Earth’s mightiest heroes assemble one final time as a team at the ruins of their once beautiful mansion to pay tribute to their fallen comrades and to say words of farewell. Some choose to leave the hero–trade entirely, some will continue on by themselves. Worst of all are the words of Tony Stark, who’s reputation has been totally destroyed and must see to the financial needs of those employees whose families depend on him. The Avengers Mansion will become a monument to the fallen, and an era has ended. Will there ever come another day when Earth’s heroes unite against a common threat? The answer to that will begin in New Avengers #1…

Cover by Neal Adams, Brian Michael Bendis wraps up the worst day in Avengers history and sets the stage for a new era of greatness.

— Ron Black

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  Brian Michael BendisDavid Finch, Alex Maleev, Steve Epting, Lee Weeks, Michael Gaydos, Eric Powell, Darick Robertson, Mike Mayhew, David Mack, Gary Frank, Michael Avon Oeming, Jim Cheung, Steve McNiven, George Pérez