Asylum (NCG)

    (New Comics Group, 1989)
™ and ©1989 New Comics Group. Stories © the respective creators.

A quiet boy grows to manhood haunted and entranced by the siren call of the sea. An evil cowboy brings down his violence on the heads of friend and foe alike. And a lovestruck young man embarks on a moonlight journey to rendezvous with his lover, taking him through a mysterious graveyard, a gauntlet of shambling skeletons, and possibly something more entirely.

This title presents these three troubling, dream-like tales, with story and art provided by a host of talented creators, including Bernie Wrightson (front cover art), Stephen Bissette, Jon B. Bright, and Alex Niño. Each frightening tale blends lines between worlds, including reality and imagination, innocence and guilt, and good and evil. Published in black-and-white, appropriately, by New Comics Group.

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 B&WClark Ashton Smith, James Robert Wrightson, Stephen R. BissetteAlex Niño, Bernie Wrightson, Christopher Schenck, John B. Bright, Valarie Jones


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Cardstock coversB&WFred Schiller, James Robert SmithKyle Baker, Mike Hoffman, John Estes