Super Crazy TNT Blast!

    (Speakeasy, 2005)
™ and © 2005 George T. Singley

A plot-rich super-hero series aimed at kids, TNT Blast! invented a slew of new super-heroes and assembled them to fight an extra-dimensional conqueror called The Magnate. The Magnate came to our world when our scientists momentarily and unwittingly tapped into an endless source of extra-dimensional energy that he controlled.

Featuring bright coloring and cartoon-like illustration by Tim Kane, Super Crazy TNT Blast! brims with over-the-top comic book super-hero action. Can the heroes Deadbolt, White Mantis, Blackbox and Dr. Bedlam help the lead characters National Guard and the First Lady withstand the Magnate’s onslaught?

— Leland Burrill

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 George T. Singley, Jim MitchellTim Kane