Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes

    (DC, 2007)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

That a project like this even exists is incredible. Originally researched and written between 1969 and 1976, covering the first 25 years of DC Comics stories (from 1940 to 1965), these newly reprinted encyclopedias detail every aspect of key characters’ mythology from literally every one of their comic book appearances. For instance, in the first volume (Batman), the entry on Batman himself is over 100 pages long and includes a chronological examination of every single comic book story featuring the character in great detail—important bits of dialog are highlighted. Author Michael L. Fleisher keeps track of continuity like a watchdog, noting even minor discrepancies from issue to issue. This volume also includes many pictures and diagrams so, for instance, readers can see the layout of the Batcave or different designs for the Bat-signal. This work is simply staggering in its completeness, and one can’t help but think that a book like this could only exist three decades ago, before key DC characters routinely took up multiple monthly titles and an infinite number of crossovers.

— Eric Garneau

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Batman CoverVolume One, Featuring BatmanMichael Fleisher, Janet E. Lincoln, Paul Levitz 


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Superman Cover Michael Fleisher, Janet E. Lincoln