Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal

    (Dark Horse, 1998)
™ and ©1986, 1987, 1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Li Yat Sen was a liar, thief, and murderer who peddled snake blood cures to ignorant villages in feudal China. He was on the run from the families of those his “cures” had poisoned. Then he saw a Predator ship crash into the mountains.

Now known as Mr. Lee, he is over seven hundred years old, but appears not a day over 38, the age he was when he first entered the fallen spacecraft and began to plumb its secrets. A mere fraction of the Predator’s technology has given him the means to build a financial empire, and their secrets have given him a life-span far beyond that of a mortal man. Now, however, his scientists have managed to unlock the cargo hold of the Predator spacecraft, unleashing the deadly cargo of Alien eggs that lay dormant all these years. Within moments, Lee’s scientist crew was infested with the Aliens, which would soon grow into full-blown killers. What’s more, the Predators had returned to investigate why their comrades were missing!

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