(Innovation, 1989-1990)
™ and ©1989 Stephen Sullivan and Tim Truma. Art ©1989 Tim Truman & Kevin VanHook

Created by Timothy Truman and Stephen Sullivan, Newstralia is a science-fiction epic set in future Australia. That world is ruled by the Iron Church, an alien orthodoxy that maintains power through inquisitions and brute power. Resisting them is a trio of renegades led by Brin Dingo, a teenager who grew up on the streets to become a thief and a petty smuggler. Joining him is No-Nox, his robot sidekick, and Boomer Blue, a genetically engineered, cigarette-smoking kangaroo warrior. These three go from being rebels without a clue to a real thorn in the side of the Iron Church.

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  Stephen Sullivan, Timothy TrumanKevin VanHook, Timothy Truman


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  Stephen SullivanKevin VanHook, John Hebert


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  Stephen SullivanJohn Hebert


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 B&WStephen SullivanJohn Hebert


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 B&WStephen SullivanJohn Hebert, Kirk Jarvinen