Aliens: Special

    (Dark Horse, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

This one-shot contained two rather nicely done Aliens stories. The first, “45 seconds” is told with pictures only, portraying the final horrific moments as a soldier sets an explosive timer to destroy an Alien egg bed, and then runs headlong into a very nasty surprise.

The second, longer story is “Elder Gods.” On the Omni-Tech colony of Mira Ceti 4, tensions are running high between the administration and the various labor groups. One such group, the Esoterics, is assigned quarry detail, a task they fear, given the likely presence of aliens there. Not surprisingly, they uncover an Alien spaceship full of eggs. These eggs, the Esoterics lead themselves to believe, are the very method by which their elder god Tulitu would live again. In a terrifying display of fanaticism, and a turn on fear, the cultists launch a plot to bring these “gods” to life again.

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 NN; One-shotDarko Macan, Nancy CollinsFrank Teran, Leif Jones