Bar Sinister

    (Windjammer, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Mike Grell

In 1995, Valiant Comics started its Windjammer line of creator-owned comic books. Among the first of these to be published was Mike Grell’s Bar Sinister, a spinoff of Grell’s Shaman’s Tears, which was published by Image Comics. The series is about the world’s ugliest bunch of super-heroes: a group of genetically altered creatures who are half-human and half-beast. They owe their origins to that oldest of causes, the black budget government program that was trying to make a super-fighting force.

The eight genetic recombinants are: Blazon (wolf), Sigil (bat), Banner (badger), Tally (Gyrfalcon), Dockett (monkey), Tartan (black-footed ferret), Signet (ermine), and Animus Prime (African lion). Once born, the team broke free of its captors and decided to use their powers to help humanity. They are constantly hunted down by the organization from which they originated.

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