Daredevil 2099

    (Marvel, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Disgusted by the infamous legacy left by his big, bad, bald grandfather (The Kingpin, of course), Sam “Daredevil” Fisk wages war on crime in a police–state society in which Sentinels act as officially sanctioned law enforcement. However, unlike the “real” Daredevil of the past, Fisk is thoroughly average in terms of senses and athleticism, relying on wealth and a tricked–up battle suit to perform his heroic tasks.

Daredevil 2099 is easy enough to digest (competent art and scripting tell a coherent, mildly interesting story), but Fisk isn’t exactly the type of character of which modern myths are made. He’s given few likable traits, and his motivation (redeeming the sins of his elders), while understandable, fails to fully engage the reader to the point of wanting to know more.

Though it makes reference to the standard Marvel universe, Daredevil 2099 stays curiously clear of the various characters (Spider-Man, Punisher, etc.) found in the 2099 titles of the early 1990s. Also curious is the ending, which will excite some and alienate others.

— Brett Weiss

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 One-shotRobert KirkmanKarl Moline, Michael Perkins