Batman/Green Arrow: The Poison Tomorrow

    (DC, 1992)
™ and ©1992 DC Comics, Inc.

It might have been a routine mission for Batman: to reel in a madman with an axe. But this particular madman was an elderly doctor—a doctor dying of a terrible infection. Moreover, Batman isn’t the only one interested in the doctor. Green Arrow’s lover, the Black Canary, had been bitten by the doctor while trying to stop a smaller rampage in Seattle. Not long after, she herself was dying of the same disease. After Batman stopped him, the doctor raved deliriously about an antidote. But only moments later, the disease claimed the doctor’s life—before he could reveal the secret.

So Batman and Green Arrow join forces to seek out the answer to this mysterious illness, and to save the life of a loved one. What they uncover is one of the most dreadful conspiracies the world has ever known. If that conspiracy succeeds, 99% of the Earth’s population will die in the poison tomorrow…
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January, 1992
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Denny O’NeilMichael Netzer