Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special

    (AC, 1991)
™ Americomics, © AC Comics

A crime-fighting heroine clad in the colors of the American flag, and she’s been around since 1941. Wonder Woman? Nope, it’s Miss Victory, the blonde and beautiful super-hero who began her career fighting two-bit hoods and corrupt politicians, quickly shifted to fighting American enemies in the South Pacific, and much later was reintroduced to modern comic book fans as the leader of “Femforce,” a fighting team of powerful (and sexy) women.

This one-shot celebrates 50 years of Miss Victory, including reprints of her very first adventures from the Golden Age. There are also character and costume sketches, original covers of Miss Victory tales in other titles, and more.

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Reprints from Captain Fearless #1 (Aug 1941) and #2 (Sep 1941); 1st Appearance of Miss Victory (Joan Wayne); #17 (Oct 1944) and #23 (Aug 1945); And Captain Paragon #1 (ca. 1983); Captain Aero #11 (Jan 1944); Miss Victory pin-ups; Cover galleryAlberta Tews, Bill Black, Mark Heike, Phil WhiteBrad Gorby, Mark Heike, John Nadeau, Nina Albright, L.B. Cole, Charles M. Quinlan, Bill Anderson, Marcus Hempel