ABC: A–Z, Greyshirt and Cobweb

    (America’s Best, 2006)
™ and © America’s Best

Evil villain Game Theory tries to educate a number of apes in order to carry out his evil plans against Greyshirt. Will he be defeated? You’ll find out in just a few pages as the rest of issue is devoted to a 2006 calendar featuring The Cobwebs. Overall, another winner of an issue distributed under DC’s America’s Best Comics banner of retro looking comic books that includes other titles such as America’s Best Comics, Tom Strong and Tomorrow Stories.

— Mark Arnold

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 Buddha, Rockefeller, Baby Einstein, Dr. Crescendo, Franky Lafayette, Spats Katz, Andy Savannah, Fan MAn, The Lure, Greyshirt, Roseanna Crescendo, Pandora Siam, Ella Bly, Lapis Lazuli, Cobweb, Vinnie Assapunto, Bruno Imbroglio, Gabra Desade, Snots Lamonico, Dr. Heinrich S. ClawRick Veitch, Steve MooreRick Veitch, Melinda Gebbie