Angel Dust

    (ADV Manga, 2005)
™ and © 2001 Aoi Nanase

Typically quiet and reticient Japanese schoolgirl Yuina has a perfect attendance record and lives her life by the philosophy of keeping out of everyone else’s. So of course everything bad happens to her at once on the fateful day that she turns off her alarm clock too early and becomes in danger of being late for school. Now, not only does Yuina have to contend with having a marred attendance record, she also encounters an "emulate" bioroid named Seraph who drafts the hapless girl into a war between celestial forces for the destiny of the world itself. Let that be a lesson to be punctual for class.

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

High-school girl Yuna discovers a fallen winged woman who’s a really a combat android named Seraph. She’s also an “Emulate,” able to merge with a human, and it’s their complicated relationship that forces the shy girl to deal with her insecurities about wanting to sing. But then her arch-rival for the spotlight, Akiho, has an Emulate of her own: Seraph’s nemesis, Lucifer.

Readers never actually learn where Seraph and Lucifer come from or if their conflict is any more complicated than the obvious white-black color-coding of the participants. But that’s one of the benefits of this rarest of all manga: a one-shot, one-volume “series”: Instead of dragging things out indefinitely, the creator has to get to the point.

The emphasis is more on interpersonal conflicts and how Yuna grows because of Seraph’s influence than on the super-heroic “good vs. evil” battles. But both the drama and the action look equally good, thanks to the beautifully elegant art. While it’s nothing original, it’s nice while it lasts.

— S. A. Bennett

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