Captain Universe/Daredevil

    (Marvel, 2006)
ô and ©2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Picking up where Captain Universe/Hulk left off, this title finds the uni-power continuing its search for answers by bonding with Daredevil. The Man Without Fearís alter ego, Matt Murdock, is defending a man who may be have some answers regarding the mystery of the power itself. But what happens when it bonds with a man who already possesses enhanced senses and powers? And will those new powers be an aid or an obstacle with assassins from A.I.M. popping up on every corner, and the forces of S.H.I.E.L.D. getting involved?

This issue, the second part of a 5-part miniseries which returns Captain Universe to pantheon of Marvel heroes, is written by Jay Faerber and drawn by Juan Santacruz.

ó Andy Richardson

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Story continued in Captain Universe/X-23 #1; Continued from Captain Universe/Hulk #1; Chapter 2Jay Faerber, Chris EliopoulosJuan Santacruz