Reload: A Collection of Heavy Metal Galleries

    (Heavy Metal, 2005)
™ and © Heavy Metal

From the Publisher:

Since the early 1980s, Heavy Metal’s four-page Gallery has become one of the most popular sections of the magazine. Reload: A Collection of Heavy Metal Galleries is a superb archive of the images rendered by forty artists whose work is admired, envied, and respected by their peers and generations of fans.

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   Simon Bisley, Richard Corben, Daniel Torres, Dorian Cleavenger, Donvilio Brero, Peter Kuper, Julie Bell, Les Edwards, Arthur Suydam, Rob Prior, Lorenzo Sperlonga, Gil Bruvel, Victoria Frances, Luis Royo, Tayyar Ozkan, Boris Vallejo, Ken Kelly, John Severins, David Bollt, Claudio Aboy, John Zeleznik, David Ho, Michael Ward, Justice Howard, Mike DeWeese, Drew Posada, Brian Rood, Scott Burton, Ciruelo Cabral, Liam Sharp, Marc Moreno, Carlos Diez, Myke Maldonado, Lawrence Northey, Jason Freeny, Félix Vega, Ken Meyer Jr., Anthony Paluzzi, Edgar Espino