Black Mane

    (One Time, 2005)
and 2005 Michael V. LaRiccia

From the Publisher:

In the tradition of artists such as William Hogarth, LaRiccia uses a mixture of brutally honest imagery with real world dialogue to make a serious social criticism. Black Mane coerces the reader to wonder about his or her own biases toward race and gender without being rhetorical or Holier than thou. This graphic novel is a work of many dynamics. At its most optimistic it reminds us why we continue to interact with each other every day. At its darkest, Black Mane shows a demoralized society intent on eating its young. LaRiccia is at times satirically self-deprecating and other times strangely uplifting. It is an addictively neurotic read that asks questions which desperately need answering.

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ca. 2005