Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men 2005

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Marvel Characters, Inc.

With dynamic art by the best in the business and pages filled with information, Marvel’s Official Handbooks are a fan’s one-stop shop to get the latest on their favorite mutants. While not all-inclusive, this volume does cover many popular X-Men, including heroes such as Archangel, Cable, Colossus and X-23, and villains such as Apocalypse, Danger, the Hellfire Club and Magneto. Along with an artist’s portrait and vital statistics, each entry features a full recounting of that character’s origin, and a Power Grid of intelligence, strength, speed, fighting skills and other important characteristics. Art contributors on this volume include comic greats Neal Adams, Greg Land, Alan Davis and John Byrne.

— Jerry Smith

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 Eric J. Moreels, Ronald Byrd, Marc-Oliver Frisch, Stuart VandalAdam Pollina, Aaron Lopresti, Joe Jusko, Alan Davis, Rob Liefeld, Chris Bachalo, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Ryan, John Cassaday, Scott Johnson, Igor Kordey, Salvador Larroca, Paul Smith, Gregg Schigiel, Casey Jones, Frank Quitely, Phil Jimenez, Mike Mayhew, John Byrne, Paco Medina