[Futura]: L’Art de R.Black

    (Dark Horse, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Richard Black

From the Publisher:

Sparkling as polished chrome, slick as oiled leather, hard as a scorned woman’s stare, the poster art of R.Black is renowned for its elegant line, razor-sharp design, and dark pulp motifs, creating an instantly recognizable synergy of cool elegance and hot eroticism. R.Black’s dark world is a steamy landscape of leggy sirens, gleaming bikes, spiked heels, and leather-clad devils. Black’s voluminous catalog of work includes striking images created for Bauhaus, Elvis Costello, Misfits, GWAR, Ministry, and countless more, plus numerous album covers, t-shirt designs, and magazine covers, plus a memorable series of images for Original Sin Hard Cider, featured in this volum. Futura: L’Art de R.Black is the first is the first published collection of Black’s striking designs. Foreword by Brian Ewing.
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Cover Price: $19.95
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 Richard Black