Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas

    (Dark Horse, 2005)
™ and ©2005 Dinicartoons, Inc.

Jingle Belle, for those of you living under a comic–book rock, is the creation of Paul Dini. Jingle is the wild daughter of Santa Claus, and this issue is a small anthology of her adventures by various artists.

The main story, “The Fight before Christmas,” features Jingle fighting over a boyfriend with her rival, Tashi. Tash is half girl, half snow leopard. While Jingle is the captain of the Elf Hockey team, Tash is the captain for the snow leopards. On the ice, they beat the crud out of each other, but in the penalty box they are cordial until they realize they are dating the same guy.

In “Hot Rod Lemming,” Jingle helps her lemming friend impress a date by borrowing a hot rod toy.

Finally, in “Oh, Christmas Tree,” Jingle embarrasses her old man in front of George W. Bush.

Dini’s Belle is hilarious. He needs to turn it into an animated special of some kind. Kids and adults alike will enjoy Belle’s antics, and the issue is a perfect gift for a girl just getting into comic books. They say there aren’t a lot of comic books for women, but Jingle Belle is an exception. The main character is beautiful, but there is a lot more to her. Belle’s antics aren’t about showing cleavage, and she is clearly the master of her own destiny—not to mention that of her dad.

— Tony DiGerolamo

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  Paul Dini, Misty LeeStephanie Gladden, Jose Garibaldi, Jason Bone