The Titans Companion

    (TwoMorrows, 2005)
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Twenty five years since the first appearance of the New Teen Titans, Glen Cadigan had compiled a series of interviews and articles about DC’s team of young heroes into a trade paperback. From their birth in the sixties as a gathering of super-hero sidekicks through their teenage years into a viable fighting force for good, Cadigan has included not only drawings of the various characters over time and many issues but has also found photos and interviews of the men and women who made the Titans possible. Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Walter Simonson, Chris Claremont and many others are present to voice their part in the success of this long running series.

— Ron Black

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

Revitalized by the Cartoon Network’s anime-like series, The Teen Titans are now enjoying another run in a DC comic-book series. Benefiting from good timing, this compendium burnishes the more-than-40-year history of the team by interrogating all the writers and artists from the Silver Age past to the 21st century present.

Originally created as a gathering of super-hero sidekicks (Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, etc.), this gang matured over the decades, especially under the wing of scripter Marv Wolfman and penciller George Pérez. With Dick Grayson and Donna Troy’s hormones bursting, new members were enrolled (Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Changeling), villains introduced (Terminator), and traitors revealed (Terra).

The TwoMorrows formula is to target a venerable series and publish an encyclopedic chronology of interviews that caters to fans’ penchant for art and trivia. The approach has proven successful and this is no exception. It makes up for a missing issue guide with the José Luis García-López cover and reams of sketches from Nick Cardy and Neal Adams to Tom Grummett and Phil Jimenez.

— Oliver Chin

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 Glen Cadigan, Geoff JohnsGerry Alanguilan, Ceasar Alvarez, Eduardo Barreto, John Bayer, Spencer Beck, Rich Bernatovech, Royd Burgoyne, Scott Burnley, Gary Chamberlain, Derrick Cantrell, Jim Cardillo, John Cogan, Guido DeBue, Shelton Drum, Michael Dunne, Anthony Durso, John El-Hajjeh, Ray Elliot, Will Gabri-El. Benny Gelillo, Geary Gravel, Tom Hamilton, Dustin Harbin, Wallace Harrington, Dave Hoover, Robert Jewell, Randy Kerr, Chris Klamer, Steven Lee, Tony Lorenz, Michael Lovitz, Bruce Macintosh, David Mandel, Andy Mangels, David Matteini, Daniel Maull, Greg McKee, Marcus Mebes, Eric Merk, Robert Meza, Steve Mitchell, David Morris, Stuart Neft, Michael Negrin, Peter Nguyen, Kevin Nowlan, Brian Peck, George Pérez, Robert Plunkett, Gunter Polland, Roland Reedy, Maria Reinger, Murray Roach, Scott Sharritt, David Siegel, Paul J. Singh, Craig Sletten, Tom Smith, Romeo Tanghal Jr., Joel Thingvall, Brett Tolino, Dennis Updegrove, Fons Von Erp, Bill Walko, Joe Young, Nick Cardy


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222 pgs.; B&WGlen CadiganNeal Adams, Tom Grummett, Mike Wieringo, Dan Jurgens, George Pérez, Todd Nauck, Phil Jimenez, Mike McKone, Barry Kitson, Michael Turner, Karl Kesel, Craig Rousseau, Arthur Adams, Brian Bolland, Tom Lyle, Shane Davis, Judith Hunt, José Luis García-López, Tom Raney