Battlezones: Dream Team 2

    (Malibu, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Malibu Comics Entertainment, Inc.

This “art” book from Malibu and Marvel offers team-up and battle scenes featuring heroes and villains from each company’s universe. Because of their artists, some of the more noteworthy meetings include Lord Pumpkin/Ghost Rider by Carlos Pacheco (Flash, X-Men); Captain America/Prime by Mike Wieringo (Flash, Sensational Spider-Man); Primevil/Hulk by Chris Warner (Moon Knight, Comics’ Greatest World); NecroMantra/Storm by Phil Jimenez (Tempest, Team Titans); Nightcrawler/Ghoul by Chris Sprouse (Legionnaires, Supreme); Doctor Doom/Rune by J.H. Williams III (Chase, Justice Riders); and Daredevil/Foxfire by John Romita, Jr. (Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man). All in all, not a bad package—a nice memento of the short-lived Ultraverse.

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 Pin-ups of battles between Malibu and Marvel characters Art Thibert, Carlos Pacheco, Chris Warner, Gary Martin, Kyle Hotz, Mike Christiansen, Mike Wieringo, Sam Liu, Dan Panosian, Mark Farmer, Chris Sprouse, Terry Austin, Stuart Immonen, David Taylor, Jeff Parker, Gary Frank, Cam Smith, John Romita Jr., Pasqual Ferry, Steve Moncuse, Val Semeiks, Pander Brothers, Esteban Maroto, Phil Jimenez, Matt Haley, Jeff Johnson, Darick Robertson, Cully Hamner, Jim Cheung, Salvador Larroca, Mike McKone, Mark McKenna