What If: Wolverine

    (Marvel, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.

In the fine tradition of Marvel’s two long-running What If series, this one-shot comic tells an alternate story of Logan, the Wolverine. In 1926, Logan is living off the land as a trapper in the wilds of Ontario, Canada. With a woman he loves and a child on the way, the wily non-X-Man is actually thinking of settling down. But when his family is destroyed by bootleggers in a terrorist incident, could Logan do anything but vow revenge on those responsible? With his dying breath, one of the victims tells Logan the man who ordered the crime was the infamous mobster from Chicago—Scarface. Arming himself with knives, guns, a bad attitude and skull T-shirt, Logan travels to the heart of the Windy City to deal out punishment as only he can.

— Jerry Smith
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February, 2006
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