Bojeffries Terror Tome

    (Atomeka, 2005)
™ and ©2005 the respective creators

This two-volume horror anthology features work by the likes of Alan Moore, Steve Parkhouse, Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli, and John Bolton, among others. The original material presented here will be familiar to readers of British comics magazines Warrior, Flesh and Bones, A1, and Blast!. In addition to appearances by Mr. Monster, Flaming Carrot, and various members of the Bojefferies family, readers can find the first story featuring Alice Hotwire, a character created by Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh in Blast!. The books are black and white with color covers by Steve Parkhouse.

— Leland Burrill

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

For those who missed (or just miss) comics’ most recent Golden Age, the 1980s, here’s yet another worthy bookshelf collection from A1, this one with a loose horror theme. Along with episodes of the strange British Bojeffries clan (try to imagine The Addams Family by way of Alan Moore), this issue also has stories featuring Mr. Monster and Eddy Current.

While it’s certainly nice to see the old gang again (though new stories with the characters would be much, much better) it’s hard to consider most of the entries (which are played for laughs) actual horror. Much closer to the actual article are the disturbing “Baby Cakes” by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli and the unsettling “The Proxy” by Ramsey Campbell and David Lloyd.

Steve Pugh’s five-page teaser does an OK job of introducing the characters for “Hotwire De” about a female detective exorcist operating in a near future London that’s knee deep in ghosts. It’s pretty enough but reads as if it had been originally intended for the UK’s 2000 A.D.

— S.A. Bennett

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Steve Pugh painted back coverB&W; ca. 2005Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Michael T. Gilbert, Steve Pugh, Ramsey Campbell, Ted McKeever, Charles VessSteve Parkhouse, Michael Zulli, Michael T. Gilbert, Steve Pugh, Ted McKeever, David Lloyd, Charles Vess