Devil Dolls

    (SQP, 2005)
™ and © SQP

Hell is usually portrayed throughout religion and popular fiction as being a bad thing, but maybe it does have its merits, if this oversized collection of pin-ups is to be believed. Voluptuous women running around naked or in lingerie carrying pitchforks—things could be worse, right?

These sexy images of horned women with pointed tails are presented in black and white and drawn by a wide variety of skilled artists, including Gabriel Bobillo, Mitch Byrd, and many more.

— Andy Richardson
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Cover Price: $9.95
1 copy available for $10.00
 Diego Greco, Gabriel Bobillo, Buci, Mitch Byrd, Dego Candia, Julio Cesar, Alejandro Colucci, Gonzalo Flores, Diego Florio, Federico Ossio