(Boom!, 2005)
™ and ©2005 Keith Giffen and Andy Kuhn

Graham Meachum has just returned from his dream vacation, the vacation he was supposed to take with his now-estranged girlfriend, Maggie. He collects his mail, only to discover he has become an unwilling contestant in a game of death. Given ten bullets and a gun, it's kill or be killed for ten innocent people as they're forced to hunt the other contestants. Thinking he’s being “Punk’d,” Graham receives a visit from his former lover Maggie … who reveals herself as another contestant, intent on killing him! Now convinced of his lethal reality, Graham faces an impossible choice… does he hunt down the next person on his list—or prepare for another killer coming after him?
As usual, writer Keith Giffen unleashes his demons into the therapy known as a comic book story. 10 is eerily reminiscent of the Japanese cult film Battle Royale, another deadly thriller where contestants compete against their will.

— Jerry Smith

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