Fantastic Four Special (2nd Series)

    (Marvel, 2006)
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Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom have been adversaries since their college days and many stories have referenced the incident that prompted their competitive relationship. This one-shot, “My Dinner with Doom,” reveals specific details that shed light on that history.   When Doom invites Richards to dinner at his embassy, the possibility of it being a trap is a paramount consideration. But Doom has guaranteed Richards’ safety and the sliver of guilt Richards feels about the accident that scarred Doom prompts him to accept. Of course, Doom has his own agenda, but that plot is secondary to the heart-to-heart conversation these two rivals finally have. Add to that tense but cordial atmosphere the continuation of the chess match the two began back in college; they resume the game with no board or pieces, simply playing from memory.   The ending satisfies with the admission of a long-ago transgression on Reed’s part and a glimpse of the humanity of Dr. Doom. This is the story of two men who may have been colleagues and friends if their egos had not exceeded their intellects.  
— George Haberberger

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 Silver Age style art in flashback sequences; Captain America apperanceDwayne McDuffieCasey Jones