What If: Daredevil

    (Marvel, 2006)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

In 2004 Marvel resurrected the What If…? concept making it a series of one-shot specials. In 2005 it became the December event featuring six one-shots that introduced a new “watcher.”   Hector Espejo is the world’s greatest hacker, known to the online community as The Watcher. He is called this because he has hacked into the internet of another dimension. The alternate histories he sees there are drastically different than the kind of “familiar-yet-different” spin that have comprised “What if...?” stories.   Set in feudal Japan in the 1800’s, “The Devil Who Dares” is perhaps the most divergent of the What If? titles. An aging samurai who refuses a demand by the emperor is an analog for Matt Murdock’s prize-fighter father refusing to throw a fight. When his son is blinded, he is promised a cure in return for his cooperation. He is to sneak aboard an American naval vessel, steal the rifles and kill everyone. But aboard this ship is a cabin boy named Matt Murdock. In this alternate universe, Daredevil is the son of a samurai… and Matt Murdock? He becomes a deadly marksman with said rifles and acquires his own nom de guerre.

— George Haberberger 

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