Showcase Presents Green Arrow

    (DC, 2006)
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(from the publisher)

The Emerald Archer’s Silver Age adventures get the spotlight! This volume reprints stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #250-266, 268-269, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #50, 71, 85, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #4, and WORLD’S FINEST #95-140. Along with his sidekick Speedy, see Green Arrow take on all manner of crime in Star City!

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Collects stories from Adventure Comics #250-269, The Brave and the Bold #50, 71, 85, Justice League of America #4, Wolrd’s Finest Comics #95-134, 136, 138, 140; ca. 2006Dave Wood, France Edward Herron, Jerry Coleman, Bob Haney, Robert BernsteinGeorge Papp, Jack Kirby, Roz Kirby, Lee Elias