ABC: A–Z, Terra Obscura and Splash Brannigan

    (America’s Best, 2006)
™ and © America’s Best Comics

Peter Hogan brings us the Lonely Galaxy Guide to Terra Obscura—everything you might possibly want to know (from A to Z) about that little solar system over on the other side of the galaxy.

In 1968, Tom Strong discovered a “near-identical” duplicate of our solar system with a very similar Earth but Strong referred to as Terra Obscura. There he met and befriended Tom Strange, a hero very much like himself, but older. Strong returned to Earth a year later. Due to a planetary attack, Strange spent 30 years making his way to our Earth in order to enlist Tom Strong’s help to free his planet and his friends. They were successful and once again, the Society of Modern American Science Heroes protects the citizens of Terra Obscura.

Due to a possible link on subatomic levels, comic book authors on both worlds are able to receive subconscious thought waves from the other planet, thus the heroes of Terra Obscura appear in earth comic books and the heroes of earth appear there in the same format. It’s a theory.

And Splash Brannigan? He’s a being made out of fourth-dimensional ink created in a lab by an insane comic book artist fifty years ago. Go figure.

— Ron Black

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  Peter HoganYanick Paquette, Hilary Barta