Avengers: Galactic Storm

    (Marvel, 2006)
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From the Publisher:

The Kree are one of the Fantastic Four’s oldest enemies; the Shi’ar, one of the X-Men’s oldest allies. But it’s the Avengers who are caught in the middle when the two alien races wage a war to re-write Marvel’s map of the universe! As two-legged WMD land on Earth, the Avengers end up as alien invaders on war-torn worlds of wonder, both as a unit and individually! Featuring the Imperial Guard, Starforce, Deathbird, Thor vs. Gladiator and more!
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Cover Price: $29.99
2 copies available from $28.00
Bob Harras, Tom DeFalco, Mark Gruenwald, Gerard Jones, Len Kaminski, Roy ThomasGreg Capullo, Steve Epting, Jeff Johnson, Stephen Jones, Rik Levins, Dave Ross, Paul Ryan, Rurik Tyler

Cover Price: $29.99
2 copies available from $29.99
Len Kaminski, Tom DeFalco, Mark Gruenwald, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Gerard Jones, Bob HarrasPaul Ryan, Patrick Olliffe, Rik Levins, Dave Ross, Rurik Tyler, Greg Capullo, Jeff Johnson, Stephen Jones, Steve Epting, Craig Brasfield, John Czop, Darren Auck, Dave Simons