The Flying Friar

    (Speakeasy, 2005)
™ and ©2006 Rich Johnston and Rhomas Nachlik

In the seventeenth century, Joseph of Copertino had lived a hard life, eventually became a Franciscan priest, and was known best for his extreme modesty and patience. There were also times he seemed to be able to levitate and displayed almost superhuman strength.

Rich Johnson and Tomas Nachlik take a look at the life of Saint Joseph in this one-shot comic, covering his humble beginnings when he was born in a shed in 1603, through his being ridiculed for his becoming lost in his own thoughts and gaping in silence, until finally he found a home with the Franciscans. In order to appeal to the super-hero community, Johnson and Nachlik added a fictional villain to give some balance to the tale and draw in more readers.

— Ron Black

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