Underworld (Marvel)

    (Marvel, 2006)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Marvel attempts to capitalize on the Sin City craze with a gritty crime comic set in the Marvel universe. Underworld is built around Jackie Dio, a normal criminal in a world of super–villains. After doing time in a top–secret prison called The Vault, Jackie is back on the street looking for work. Frank Tieri capitalizes on little–known Marvel history for his plot. This is a smart move, since the editors haven’t touched it, so it remains “valid.” Even the tag line, “When you’re climbing the criminal ladder, it’s a long way down,” is enjoyable.

Tieri gives readers a sense of how the prison system and the underworld work for the villains in the Marvel universe. Dio must not only avoid getting arrested again, but his old rival now has super-powers. His old boss, Silvermane, is out of the game, so, in crime terms, he’s starting at the bottom.

Staz Johnson’s art deserves a mention. It’s rock–solid and perfectly suited to this project.

— Tony DiGerolamo

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