Kami-Kaze (Tokyopop)

    (Tokyopop, 2006)
™ and © 1998 Satoshi Shiki
Series read right to left; black and white.

The Girl of Water is the key to unlocking the fabled 88 beasts, bringing death and destruction to the world. The Kegai No Tami, a band of supernatural warriors, seek her in Tokyo. Although also a Kegai No Tami, the Man of Earth wants nothing to do with their apocalyptic plots and is sworn to protect the Girl. Yet she’s just an average high school student, unaware of her own potential. As her world comes crashing down and blood and death is everywhere around her, can she realize her true nature before it’s too late?

— Lori Witkop

From the Publisher:

Everyone is after the legendary Girl of Water, whose blood can unlock the trans-dimensional prison that holds the fabled 88 beasts… and unleash them unto our world! The only problem is that no one knows where the Girl of Water is, nor do they know if the power she wields has awakened in whatever body she has chosen to possess.

Intent on tracking her down, a host of supernatural warriors descends upon Tokyo, all thirsting for the imminent destruction of mankind. All, that is, except one rogue swordsman, who is inexplicably duty-bound to protect the Girl of Water at all costs.

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