ABC’s for Superheroes

    (Atlas, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Darren G.

There have been previous super-hero-themed “baby books.” Some are purely jokes. Others are intended in earnest. These walk that fine line that renders them pretty useless. They’re not quite educational enough for junior, but they’re not funny enough for Mom and Dad.

Guide to the Planets is pretty informative, although it’s not perfect. For example, the sun’s stated temperature of 9,980° appears to be missing a few zeroes. Also, calling Uranus “the gassy planet” is such an obvious joke that it leads one to wonder whether it is based on fact.

ABC’s is cute but, again, bewildering. “D is for deviled eggs”? “P is for phone bill”? These are the jokes, folks! But for whom are they intended?

123’s is, perhaps, the least interesting, with such entries as “5 pairs of sunglasses” and “7 is the number of times my nieghbors (sic) have complained about the noise.”

Most odd is the obsession with wedgies (or “weggies,” as Davis spells it). That Atlas’ tights cause wedgies is a fact that appears in both ABC’s and 123’s.

—Jack Abramowitz

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