Anthem (Roy Thomas’…)

    (Heroic, 2006–2007)
™ and ©2006 Roy Thomas

When I first heard about Anthem, what really got me jazzed was the fact that legendary writer Roy Thomas was at the helm. This issue has a lot of things going for it, but Thomas is the best reason to buy it.

Thomas’ story tells of an alternate universe in which the Germans won World War II, and America’s greatest heroes—waking up from a lab-induced hibernation—are just finding that out.

The book has a Silver Age feel, with such super-hero names as “Stonewall” Jackson, Dawns Earlylight, Bomb-Burst, Liberty, “Rockets” Redglare, and the duo known as (what else?) Stars and Stripes. Adding to the feel is the way the art is presented; Acuña’s art complements the story’s strengths well.

The annoying distraction is the pixilated art. It is literally noticeably pixilated in every panel. Intended gimmick or not, it didn’t appeal to me. Still, beyond the pixels, the issue is a good one. Enthusiasts particularly will want to check out the six-page article in the back of the issue in which Roy Thomas explains his vision of the world of Anthem.

— Ray Sidman

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  Roy ThomasDaniel Acuña


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  Roy ThomasJorgé Santamaria, Jesús Merino


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  Roy Thomas, Bill TucciDaniel Acuña, Bill Tucci


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  Roy Thomas, Dennis MalloneeBenito Gallego, Andrew Pepoy


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